Training Experience

I have offered training for Health Professionals, Individual Agencies and Personal & Professional Development Groups for many years.  I completed a Post Graduate Certificate of Education (Adult Education) in 1998.   At that time, having qualified in basic teaching and relevant subject qualifications,  I had been teaching Yoga, Mindfulness meditation, Basic Counselling Theory & Practice and Allied Health topics through Adult Education classes and other individual agencies for twenty years.

Throughout my career as a Psychological Therapist/Trainer within the NHS,  I have delivered Introductory Cognitive Behaviour Therapy training to nurses/social workers/doctors & other health professionals.  I have also supervised practitioners in CBT during training on Intermediate and Advanced CBT courses. 

I have created, developed and co.facilitated a six month Cognitive Behaviour Therapy Course for students working towards a degree in Therapeutic Counselling at a local College. This course continues to run successfully.

I have offered outside training to the Health Promotion Services, Bereavement Services and through private training agencies and individual groups. 

Present Training Roles

At present I supervise and offer some training presentations on the IAPT (Improving Access to Psychological Therapies) High Intensity Diploma in CBT for mental health disorders at Exeter University.

Since March 2012, I have been employed as a trainer/supervisor of Cognitive Behaviour Therapy skills on the AQA Diploma of Therapeutic Counselling at AAAIB Counselling Centre, Holmbush, St Austell.  For more information about AAAIB contact them through

As part of their final year’s training on the Diploma, students offer low cost counselling.  Cost of counselling is usually between £5 – £10 to cover expenses of room hire etc., Students are supervised by an experienced psychological therapist.   If you are interested in low cost counselling, you will be asked to attend an initial appointment with myself or another experienced psychotherapist to determine if your particular area of concern could be helped through engagement with a trainee.  We would also determine the most appropriate trainee determined by their experience and availability.  Many trainees have prior experience in occupations related to psychological therapy.   AAAIB trainees are located throughout Penwith, Kerrier and Restormel regions in Cornwall.

A client’s who took advantage of this provision was happy to share her experience.  See Maria’s comment on my homepage.

If you are interested in Low Cost Counselling sessions please contact me or AAAIB.

I am available to offer short courses (one or two days)  in Basic Cognitive Behaviour Therapy Training.  This will introduce participants to the key concepts and interventions that might be used to aid health practitioners in their work with clients, or to self-reflect and examine their own psychological processes. 

I am also available to offer courses in Behavioural Activation – to help professionals support clients struggling with anxiety, depression or other physical or mental health problems.

Other topics available: Teaching & introducing  basic Emotional Management Skills; Understand Post Traumatic Stress Disorder; Understanding Anxiety; Understanding Depression; Anxiety Disorders; CBT for Eating problems; The Place of Compassion in Therapy approaches; Motivational Interviewing.

If you are interested in exploring training in any topic from a Psychological perspective please contact me – I may be able to help!

Fees:  Fees are negotiable depending upon your agency or group’s circumstances. 

Fees can range from £250 – £400 per day – depending on required hours and circumstances (plus expenses)

 £40 – £50 per hour for introductory talks.

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